550 sq ft house plans in india

October 03, Labels sq. Labels: sq. Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Post a Comment Thanks for sharing your comments. March 15, Small House Plan - SHP This is one of our favorite house designs till date because of its simplicity and order in which it orients the complete house.

Although this house is included in our small house plan section this is a universal plan layout which will work for weekend bungalow plots the best.

This immensely small sq. The shear charm of the house is accentuated with appropriately placed flower beds next to all the window openings i…. Read more. November 02, To begin with the same you need to have a list of your family requirements ready which needs to be part of the home. The task of writing the requirement can be quite daunting at first, but try and list all the rooms that you need to have followed by the Square feet area for each. Once you have the areas of all individual rooms compiled in one place then you need to convert the same area into length and the breadth of the particular room.

We have tried to list the best 10 of them which are absolutely free for use. If you ar…. May 27, The 5 best apartment building designs as per the number of flats which are accommodated to usual plot sizes in India. It is more economical to have more number of flat units on each floor level rather than increasing the overall height of the building. Usually in India the setbacks for apartments is around 10 ft from the compound wall on all three sides except the front compound wall from which the apartment needs to have a setback of around 15 ft to 20 ft.

This does differ from place to place so individual consideration is done for every project.Construction is an industry that is totally capital intensive and also provides an edge to large players.

We have totally access to advantageous financing.

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We take proud saying that we are part of the company that is famous as one of the most famous companies for highest standards of excellence, working with the team of dedicated workers. We would like to invite you to see our plans if you looking for square feet double floor duplex home plan. So, if you are really interested to build a new home than we are here to help you. For get it done you just needs to tell us about your dream home, and then we will work to form your dream in reality.

Our easy to reach and professional staff will enable you to fill all your construction needs. Whether you are seeking to build your first home or you just want to upsize to fit your growing family, we can make a perfect for you. Deal with the most leading home construction company of industry and get most advanced methods of home building. We not only provide home building service but also can help you to remodel your home in the way how you want.

550 sq ft house plans in india

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Friday, April 10, Acha Homes. Best Home Insurance Policies in India. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Crafted By Comet Web Solutions.We are here to fullfill your desire for building the best Kerala house. Most people build a home after saving money for over 20 years at least. We are compiling a complete list of latest Kerala home designs and Kerala style house plans for you.

We will talk about different Kerala model house designs and will provide the best designs and styles for building your dream home. In addition to these you can find useful house building tips,lighting ideas,gate designs,kitchen designs and ideas etc.

Here is a beautiful contemporary Kerala home design at an area of sq.

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This is a spacious two storey house design with enough amenities. Landscape is given a good role in this design. The ground floor comprises of sqft area and the first floor comprises of sqft area.

Very spacious rooms are available. Another Kerala house plans of contemporary style house design at an area of sq.

550-650 Square Foot Home Plans

We have attached the 3 D house plans we have received from the architect Subhash. This is a modern 4 bedroom house with latest facilities. Ground floor comprises total area of : sq. For knowing more details about this bungalow contemporary architecture ,kindly contact the below mentioned architect. Looking for a small budget Kerala home?

This design will absolutely meet your needs. In Kerala,there is a trend that even if there are 3 or 4 members in a house,they still wants to build a large bungalow!!

This is simply to show off the neighbours and other people in the area. That is why ,the greenery of Kerala is getting reduced day by day. With the help of an architect you can build a very beautiful small home which is very suitable for small families.

Here is such a beautiful design by architect Subhash who is currently the director of GS Arch Creations. Here I got a photo of the front elevation of that house design. You can contact Subhash for more details including the plans,cost etc. Here is another beautiful modern contemporary style house design by Arkitecture Studio. This residence is built at an area of 4. Arkitecture Studio Calicut, Kerala, India. Arkitecture Studio, architects and interior designers, Calicut,kerala. This is another superb 3 D Kerala home design at an area of sq.

This house is a single storey one and it has got a long sit out that makes this a stunning beauty at such a large area. This awesome design is made by Purple Builders which is a Thodupuzha based company. Love this design?Looking to build a tiny house under square feet? Our to square foot house plans offer elegant style in a small package.

Despite these house plans being on the smaller size, the homes Despite these house plans being on the smaller size, the homes maximize space and oftentimes seem larger than they actually are.

6 Lakhs Home Plans Kerala Traditional Style 2 Bedroom House at 550 Sq Ft

Most home plans with square feet feature hidden storage to keep belongings out of sight and out of the way. Typically, they are one bedroom homes that feature full-fledged kitchensbathrooms, and living rooms. Some of these house plans even include garagessecond floors, and porches.

Our to square foot house plans offer elegant Sign up below for news, tips and offers. We will never share your email address. To receive your discount, enter the code "NOW50" in the offer code box on the checkout page. Help Center Cape Cod. Florida Style. Garage with Apartments.

550 sq ft house plans in india

Small House. Texas Style. Wheelchair Accessible. House Plans By Feature:. House Plans By Square Footage:. Newest House Plans.Only 16' wide, this compact Tiny Cottage fits well on a narrow lot. Designed for those who don't want a lot of space, the home still feels large thanks to the vaulted ceiling in the main living area. There's no wasted space, and no formal dining room.

In the bedroom, a walk-in closet adds to your storage space. Double French doors in the bedroom lead to the back yard.

20 X 25 feet House Walkthrough - 500 square feet House - 2BHK

Related Plans : Get more room with house plan WM sq. Each plan includes the following:. Not all items qualify for discounts. Discounts are only applied to plans, not to QuikQuotes, plan options and optional foundations and some of our designers don't allow us to discount their plans. Your Materials List will match the base plan only. The following options will not be reflected on the materials list:. Print Share pinterest facebook twitter.

About this plan What's included.

550 sq ft house plans in india

All elevations are detailed and an aerial view of the roof is provided, showing all hips, valleys, ridges and framing. This plan is designed as a slab foundation. Optional basement or crawl space foundations are available. Basement foundations may require additional engineering for steel beam sizes. The detailed drawings include such things as ceiling treatments. Drafted to the same degree of detail as the main level floor plan.


Electrical and Sections: The electrical plan shows suggested electrical layout for the main and second level floor plans. Typical wall, stair, brick sections are provided to further explain construction of these areas. Kitchen cabinet elevations. Floor Plan Main Level. Dimensions Width: 16' 0" Depth: 24' 8" Max ridge height: 14' 0". Architectural Style Bungalow Cottage.

Plan Collections Tiny House. Cancel Add to Cart. Compact Tiny Cottage. Floor Plans Main Level.

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View this and more for this plan by visiting www.If you are a first timer, it is sometimes confusing figuring out how house plans work. House plans, sometimes referred to as home floor plans, are easily deciphered once you understand the basics. Custom Home Plans. Post a Comment Thanks for sharing your comments. March 15, This is one of our favorite house designs till date because of its simplicity and order in which it orients the complete house. Although this house is included in our small house plan section this is a universal plan layout which will work for weekend bungalow plots the best.

This immensely small sq. The shear charm of the house is accentuated with appropriately placed flower beds next to all the window openings in the house which also adds to the idea of living with the nature. This may not be a best plan for city living or for a family of 4 to 6 people, but it does have the possibility of extending itself horizontally if the plot are is available on the sides.

So if this house interests you then do get in touch with us at homeplansind gmail. From the main entrance of the house one reached the big living area which overlooks to the open dining space.

The family dining is ideally located next to the main kitchen area for easy access. This is two bedroom house with one common toilet but there is a separate hand wash area in close proximity for after dinner usage. A sense of openness and spaciousness is what this small home floor plan is all about.

This plan can easily fit on any plot 40 ft. So if the house interests you then do get in touch with us at homeplansind gmail. This wonderful home design begins from the entrance porch which is quite comfortable for parking one car at the entrance porch which ten leads to the main entrance to the living room.

This compact house of Sq. The large living room has its own identity which is not engulfed along with other habitable space.

475-575 Square Foot Home Plans

Although there is lot of storage space in the kitchen but its rectilinear shape may give a feeling of cramped space. The dining area is an intermittent space between the large living hall and the kitchen and also acts as a central common zone within the house.

This common space also leads to the two large sized bedrooms which share a common toilet amongst each other. An alternate home plan is possible which will have another separate toilet space for Bedroom 1.

The combination of different sloping roofs and flat trellis covering for the entrance porch and car park adds the essential character to this Home Design. This house will best fit for any contemporary family who wants to break open from the mundane idea of a house design.

So if this home floor plan interests you then do get in touch with us at homeplansind gmail. Interesting orientation of the house around a small central garden gives this small house of Sq. The central garden is something which can be noticed from the minute you approach towards the living room main entrance lobby. Once you enter the house the high volume of the room catches attention to the point you realize that is shared along with the open dining area which is next to the semi-open Kitchen.

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As compared to the size of the kitchen a private store for it seemed necessary. This can also take other utilities, like laundry and others also in consideration. A separate wash area is also accommodated for those after meal hand wash. Although the wash is open from one side as it is part of passage space which is flanked by a complete view to the central garden and leads one to the two bedrooms at the end of it which shares a common toilet amongst each other.

While Bedroom 1 gets a have a wooden deck attached to it which can open up to the back garden space if plot length is availableBedroom 2 gets the privilege of a more inclusive and thrived upon central garden courtyard space. Overall this house really has charismatic features which can make living in it a live long pleasure for the family.

This single storey house of Sq. The design is also suitable for weekend homes which are based in the outskirt of the city limits.Friday, April 10, Acha Homes. Trending Now. The Blue House Design with 3 Bedrooms in philippense. Modern Decorating Tips for Home Design input with flowers and shrub. Townhouse designs and floor plans Everyone Will Like. Best Home Insurance Policies in India.

Ashraf Pallipuzha - March 15, Ashraf Pallipuzha - July 24, 0. October 14, If you are planning to build your new home sweet home that too, a duplex house, but are confused regarding the elevation design of Every person wants a big house as they want.

Buying a home can be a tricky process rather than building a home. If you Ashraf Pallipuzha - November 14, 0. We are famous in designing and building stylish and contemporary home plans.

Our houses are most affordable and very nice by using top quality The round house design features bedroom with desk, efficient kitchen designs. The house design is as spacious as it is space age. Modern Mixed Roof Home Design If you are searching for the best modern mixed roof home design then you are in right place. Here, you This plan is well suited for growing families as well as frequent guests.

The home We have Our team is synonymous with Ashraf Pallipuzha - July 31, Ashraf Pallipuzha - October 14, Ashraf Pallipuzha - June 21, Crafted By Comet Web Solutions.

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